Vote for the best Symbian smartphone! [Poll]


Based upon a facebook poll we have the Top 4 symbian phones here which were voted as “Most Epic Symbian Smartphones Ever”. So I created a poll here to decide the One and Only Best Symbian Smartphone ever (except the upcoming Nokia 808)

Facebook Poll Results

  1. Nokia N8 – 32 Votes
  2. Nokia 701 – 22 Votes
  3. Nokia 603 – 8 VotesĀ 
  4. Nokia C7 – 14 Votes
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  1. missed a few hundred symbian phones on your vote list. i voted n8 only because i own one but i get more use out of my nokia e6 at work and n9 as my everyday phone. i do however use my n8 as a webcam sometimes.

  2. hmmm… Interesting.. But the most epic symbian phone ever was the nokia e90. It was way ahead of its time, in performance, flexibilty, accessibility, screen size & resolution, browsing experience.. By far the best keyboard ever… Anyone who ever used the e90 would call it the most epic smartphone ever, forget symbain alone :)

      • yes sachin big nokia fan myself.. Only one among my friends who didnt bite the blackberry bug, the current flavour for upscale indians a fairly unsmart choice if i must say so… But nokia did make a mess of a few phones, i have a C6 00 & it is an epic fail :( I use a nokia e7 was the first to buy it off store.. This is a really good phone… Hope they can get a higher processor, more ram, autofocus camera on its next version & it will surely be amazing..

  3. why there is no E-7 or N9 ??? How is the 2 most expensive devices from nokia isn't even compared ? And where is pureview ???

  4. yay!!! I have the N8!! it's great! the only 
    deficiency that I have found is the lack of apps… there's no official twitter app, that's a shame. and social by nokia sucks by the way

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