Tutorial: How to Hack your Symbian Device



Some of our readers have asked us to make an easy tutorial on how to hack Symbian Devices. And here it is! This tutorial will explain how to hack a S60V5, S^3, Symbian Anna, Nokia Belle, Nokia Belle Refresh, Nokia Belle FP1 or Nokia Belle FP2 device. After you’ve hacked your phone, you have better control over it, you can enjoy cool mods, custom theme effects and much more!

Special thanks to CODeRUS, Il. Socio, iExtraX7 and everyone who have made hacking possible on Symbian!


How to hack Nokia Belle/Nokia Belle Refresh/Nokia Belle FP1 devices (should also work for S60V3, S60V5, S^3 and Symbian Anna)

1. Download and install this application to C:\ drive: http://symbian-developers.ga/wp-content/uploads/NortonSymbianHackLDD.sis

2. After the application is installed, launch “Norton” from the menu

3. Open the Options menu, press Anti-Virus and after that Quarantine list

4. There will be three files in the Quarantine list, open the Options menu and select Restore all

5. After that, exit the application and remove it from the phone (from the menu or application manager)

6. Download and install RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx to C:\ drive from this link: http://symbian-developers.ga/wp-content/uploads/RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx

7. After the application is installed, launch RomPatcherPlus from the menu

8. Select the Open4all patch, open the Options menu and select Add to auto

9. Now download the Install Server RP+ 1.7.rmp patch from this link: http://symbian-developers.ga/wp-content/uploads/Install-Server-1.7-RP+.rmp

10. Download and install an advanced file manager like X-plore from this link: http://www.lonelycatgames.com/download/xplore/x-plore_s60_3rd_1_60.sisx

11. Move the Install Server RP+ 1.7.rmp file to C:\Patches. If the Patches folder doesn’t exist, create it

12. Open RomPatcherPlus, select the Install ServerRP+ 1.7 patch, go to the Options menu and select Add to auto

13. That’s it! You can restart your device if you want.


How to hack your Nokia Belle FP2 device

1. Download and install this application to C:\ drive: http://symbian-developers.ga/wp-content/uploads/Nokia-Belle-FP2-Hack.sis

2. After the installation, SafeManager should launch. If not, launch it from the menu

3. Three popups will show up. Select No to all of them

4. Click on Other, and after that on FileMgr

5. Now open FP2hack folder in E:\ drive, select the updatedswicertstore.dat file, open the Options menu and select Copy

6. After that, go to C:/resource/swicertstore/dat/, open the Options menu and select Insert. Enter the code shown in the popup and press Ok. When it asks you to insert the file, press Ok, and select Yes when you’re asked to replace the old file in the folder.

If the folders don’t exist, just create them.

7. Download and install RomPatcher+ v3.1 for Belle FP2 from this link: http://symbian-developers.ga/wp-content/uploads/RomPatcherPlus_3.1_FP2.sisx

8. After it’s installed, launch RomPatcherPlus from the menu

9. Select all of the patches (Install Server RP+ v1.7 and Open4all), open the Options menu and select Add to auto

10. Your phone is now hacked! You can restart it if you want


  1. well Rompatcher+ 3.1v is not working for nokia 701 fp2….when we try to install RP+ it says certificate error…so i try d lite vision too and it says cant install its protected and not from a trusted supplier ….need help i want hack my nokia 701 fp2 budy

  2. hi budy supply me new rom patcher which is working…the one you post says installation eror certificate contact your supplier …fp2

  3. Thanks guys for the help hacking the he 701, i feel like i’m almost there. I have the rom patcher+ installed and moved the install-server 1.7-rp.rpm file to a patches folder i created to the c drive, but i still don’t see any patches to apply when i open rom patcher+. Any advice as to what I should do? thanks in advance.

  4. Hi there! My name is c.l.rankawat and I’ve been a Nokia fan and used Nokia phones since I was about 7 years old. I hope you like my posts here on SD and thank you for reading!

  5. Pls, from the very day i bought mine symbian, if i want 2 install any app. It will tell me “file corrupted”. I can’t even install whatsapp on my fone. I tried installing this norton app, yet it kip displayin d same tin. I use Nokia N97.

  6. am so…so…tired of this symbian of mine i can’t even download any application,infact the smallest of all which is 2go i cant download…why is nokia doing this.i think all symbians should be hacked before being brought for sale

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