The New Task Switcher from Symbian Belle FP1 available for older belle devices! (N8, E7, C6-01, C7 etc)



The new Task Switcher that we have seen in Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 has been ported to all the older Symbian Belle devices like N8, E7, C7, C6-01. Head over to this post to get this on your phone! – GO HERE

The Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 update released a few days ago for Nokia 700, 701 and 603 with a number of improvements and user interface tweaks and usability upgrades. Have a look here for full changelog: HERE

Modders are trying to port each and everything from this new update to the older Belle devices running on 680Mhz and the Task Switcher is finally successfully ported! Here’s a look at the new task switcher from the update:


Just visit Forum Symbian Developers to get this on your N8 or E7, C6-01 or C7 :) If you get any problem, post there and we will help you out.
Comment and let us know how you find this useful !

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  1. me frm uae…yesterday i chk belle fp1 updates for my c7 mob via nokia suite…i didnt get….whn i get updates…..plsssss…reply…

    • Belle fp1 update is currently released only for Nokia 701, 700 and Nokia 603

      The older devices like Nokia c7, n8 etc will get it hopefully in June or July as rumoured!

  2. i just installed microsoft apps update on my mobile 603 but after that i can't run nokia mail client , if i try to run then i got hang and my device stop reposding , help me please

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  4. you can see why nokia are going downhill fast when you cant sign in useing your nokia keep on trying to login or register but you keep saying i have made .a misstake i no i havent ps thank god my new phone wont be a nokia never again

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