Template for Theme Developers by anansandii


  Our Member and developer anansandii kindly uploaded  a Carbide UI Theme Edition Template for all those budding future developers who are looking to get a foot on the ladder. You can get Carbide UI Theme edition here: http://symbian-developers.ga/symbian-development-tools-live/ You can find the Template http://forum.symbian-developers.ga/professional-themes-development-section/free-template-for-theme-maker/new/#new  

Eruption By ThaBull® Belle Theme


The best nature – landscape theme around. Featuring -IP icon pack covering all the icons in your phone -Full TPI icon customization including the 200 most used -Entire element collection fully customized in 9-pieces and a unique feature, you won’t find in any other theme around -Customized Adaptive Search Button Don’t miss it Size: 4.19 […]

Know Your Developer: Daeva112


Today we will be talking to the very famous Symbian theme developer – Dani Mahardhika. Well we know him as Daeva112. He is no doubt “The Most Popular Symbian Theme Developer” and today will be getting to know him a bit more personally. If you have used a Symbian^3 device, it’s almost certain that you might have come […]