Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna – Some more info


 Some recent news on Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna has come up.

We have previously posted about Symbian Carla here

Symbian Carla is the next update to Symbian Belle. It’s not a “Major” update but will certainly be entertaining. It’s currently in Bug testing phase and we do get hold of some info in nokia developers forum regarding these tests. We have previously seen bug reports of Carla which showed some bugs with joystick functionality with the E7 and E6. But the recent info from dsmobile seems a bit contradictory to that. Anyways I will get to that. First have a look at this screenshots:



The Images below reveal that Symbian Carla is running on Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 and is having a browser version v8.2 (the current Belle browser version being v7.4)

You can see Symbian Carla firmware version as v112.010.0602

You can find these here

These are signs that the 1Ghz Belle phones (Nokia 703, Nokia 603 and Nokia 700) are indeed getting Symbian Carla. Symbian Carla may be a kind of a polished Belle update with richer widgets (don’t have a clue about the widgets) Symbian Carla may look like this which is somewhat MeeGo like

Well, these may not be the final UI design of Carla but it may be similiar. In our previous post about Symbian Carla, we though got some bug reports of Carla running on the E6 and E7, dsmobile has something different to on MyNokiaBlog
















I am not sure what’s going to be the final outcome but if the 1st generation S^3 devices (eg N8) doesn’t get Symbian Carla, it will be a bad news.

Symbian Donna?

We have known one thing since long that it’s going to run on a completely different hardware (a powerful hardware)

dsmobile says it again by “HW 2.1” which is certainly an upgrade to HW 2.0 (701,603,700).

HW 2.0 of these 2nd Gen Belle phones includes a 1Ghz CPU with 512MB ram and a powerfull GPU (4 times stronger than N8’s GPU)

So HW 2.1 maybe the N8’s Successor which we may indeed see in this MWC


Lets wait for this MWC and see if Nokia keeps their promise of making it big this year and I really wish we get to that HW 3.0.

The N8’s Successor is supposed to have a 3.9 inch nHD screen with the same symbian resoultion and I hope the hardware is capable of the 1080p recording capabilities. Symbian though had lost its reputation as being the best OS but it’s certainly gaining from the launch of N8 in 2010 and now this new camera monster.

When you got a beast in hand with a great UI, great navigation which is free bundled with awesome Nokia hardware and design, you hardly would care about having 1Million apps in your phone! Long live Symbian.



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  1. The images are only from the UX guidelines of Symbian, of course they'll follow QML Components design guideline and will occur in a dard and a bright theme dropping AVKON carbideUI and carbideFX integration completely. Symbian will no longer support theming unless someone hacks his device to be able to replace components. But without a proper tool to modify these, don't expect great themes to occur for Symbian Carla or Donna.


    • About the themes, I am aware of.. but well, this will be seriously bad. Symbian rocks! because of these themes, Dani and Ind190 themes are so awesome, they completely change the device… :( this shouldn't happen

  2. Can i get that for C7? I’m lookin for updates for my C7 but the answer is no. I’m very disappointing to Nokia and symbian developers. Where’s Belle FP1 for C7? Now Belle FP 2’ll come again. Please don’t let us down again.
    From owners of C7

  3. Plz do something for N8 its the base of nokia symbian anna and belle,
    every person know anna & belle from this device.My many friends have this device still now bcoz its hardware and amazing camera plz udrgade this with 1080p bcoz it have high resoulution camera.

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