“Delight v6.0 – Delight Resurrection” CFW For N8 Released!



The popular “Delight” Custom Firmware For Symbian Belle Devices Released “Delight v6.0 – Delight Resurrection For N8  Today!


This is a completly new CFW, based on Belle 111.040.1511_029, product code 0599842 (known as freaxs_r_us cleaned base package), cooked by me and freaxs_r_us

– After Flashing complete, your phone will restart once showing you different notifications. Let it do its work. After restart, you are all set to go.

What does this mean?
Simple answer, the UDA is empty, all files form UDA are in ROFS and get copied to C:\ after first boot or a hardreset.
– in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find three apps: backup, restore and resolver.
Check their documentation in Additional Files folder.

– Integrated ROMPatcher 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
– Integrated hacked installserver
– Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
– Full close system apps
– Added useful ROMPatches
– ID3 and EQ editor mods
– added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
– Anna soundparameters and more volume
– No keylock vibration (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
– Tacticle feedback while calls (removable, check delight FAQ in Additional Files folder)
– Delight animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace/remove it
Use startup.mif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3 and enable warning sound in active profile.
– Unlocked menu (create subfolders and rename apps)
– Akncapserver mod
– No USB popups
– Fast theme switcher
– Reduced Qt popupfader
– No Ovi signup/SMS
– FP1/2 taskmanager
– Symbols in powerbuttons
– Filemanager extender mod
– Smilies across all applications
– Predic on E
– exclusive delight theme effects in e:\effects, big thanks to our team member Allstar12345
– Swipolicity mod (more rights)
– Heapsize and Closing delay mod
– Strategist camera mod (small size, high quality)
– No active diverts
– Music folder search in E:\music\ and F:\music\
– Skip e:\effects in Gallery
– Music Player Heapsize 30MB
– Infinite Browser cache on D:\
– Voice Recorder mod (5 hours max, 256kbit/s)
– Sysap.exe 3.0 by CODeRUS (restart via power menu, disabled all popups)
– No lock/unlock vibration
– Unlimited SMS sending retries
– Send protected files
– Java permissons mod
– ported FP1 keyboardskin
– extended maxiumum SMS length to maximum
– Nokia Pure font (we will integrate delight font in next update)
– added Slippery Scrolling mod (you can remove it via deleting C:\private\10202be9\persits\20021192.cre
– modified CPU and GPU config (for best batterie time)

– By default one empty homescreen with Delight wallpaper, max. 10
– Disabeld product improvment
– Disabled screensaver
– Delight menu, A-Z order
– Disabled charching notes
– Light time-out 600 secons
– Screen/keylock time-out 10 minutes
– Disabled FOTA cache
– Dialer & FM landscape

Deleted apps:
– Nokia Social
– F-Secure
– Youtube
– Nokia Music
– Joikuspot
– Microsoft Communicator
– NFC tutorial
– Adobe Reader
– Quickoffice

New apps:
– Updated Nokia Store to latest
– Modified backup & restore and resolver from original delight are included
– X-Plore (with custom settings and icon by BelleXDesigns)
– Connectivity Analyzer
– WebSearch Ultimate Lite
– Internet Radio
– SIP VOIP extended settings
– MIFEditor (hidden from menu)

– Anna Notifications (incl. Belle Icons)
– Anna Notifications 2*2
– Calendar small
– Clocks: analogue – small, profile, small digital, text small
– Contacts: mini, comms
– Small: DLNA server, WIFI, FM-Transmitter
– Internet Radio
– Mail One Line and Two Line
– Music player, compact
– Search and Search Mini in ROFS
– Vertu Apps Launcher
Skins from:
– Xinox
– Kang Shao
– SelvaSathyam

You can replace all skins which are in C:\resource\apps with your own (without wasting RAM via joshlog/iChris patch).
To restore default/delight skins check Delight resolver documentation.
Some widgets need joshlog or flashing: all email, all contacts and bookmarks widget.



N8 – RM-596 – Delight Belle Refresh v6.0



Note:-  Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianDevelopers.net will not be responsible for any damage.


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