Blob for Symbian Updated to v2.6 with API fixes


BlobOne of the finest blogging apps for Symbian, blobwhich allows you to read, write and edit and Blogger blogs, has been updated to version 2.6.0. According to the developer Anand Bibek, this update fixes “302 Moved Temporarily” which was caused due to recent changes in Blogger API. Along with Blob for Symbian,  Blob for Harmmatan is also updated caching similar bugs.


Now, as Nokia Store isn’t accepting any app updates on the store, you can manually download and install the self-signed versions of the app . The links to download the apps are:

Blob for Symbian

Blob for Harmmatan

Enjoy and report bugs via mail or comments or via Twitter @Anand_Bibek

Source: Anand B.’s blog

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